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TCM Slimming Solution

“NO Pain, No Pills, Non-invasive Treatment.”

Achieving slimming with no pain, no pills and non-invasive treatment, a preferred option for most. TCM slimming approach to wellness and weight loss. Not only it achieves slimming but also helping our body to detox during the process of treatment. It includes other benefits such as, better quality of sleep, clearer complexion and most important, it helps to balance the Yin and Yang element in your body.

Why even I eat healthily and have salad for most meal but still can’t loose weight?

This is where detox comes in and work hand in hand with the slimming. Upon cleansing the tonix, our body is like an emptied bottle and starts afresh and achieve results faster than going through crash diet but sees no results.

How it works

Body’s metabolism will increase by multiples and brings fast, natural and lasting results. During this program, no pills and no hunger.

How is the success rate?
99% success rate, you’ll be in safe hands.

What result can I expect?
On average, 8-10% weight loss in 8-10 sessions. However, one can expect that the overall results looks more than the actual weight loss as your body size reduces. Number of sessions shall be discussed on 1st treatment.

What must I avoid in my daily lifestyle?
Alcohol is strictly not recommended due to high calories and also as metabolism increases by multiples, alcohol runs into blood stream much faster than usual. Cardio exercise is not recommended as muscles is much heavier than fats.There will be a diet to be followed during this program but you can expect proper food, no smoothie and no pills.

** Strictly for ladies only.

Click Here to book. 

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