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We are a community networking platform offering mainly to ladies a wide spectrum of inspirations to enrich their lifestyle. We believe that each individual has an undiscovered potential. In Cattleya Moment, we create opportunities where our members can improve their image and well-being.  We connect the community to needed resources assisting them to flourish and prosper.

Our Mission

"Cattleya" is a type of orchid, pretty and elegant.  Orchid has a distinct aroma with over 25,000 species and over 100,000 different hybrids.  Each orchid  is unique from colour to the shape of the petals requiring loving care and nutrients for thriving.  "Moment" is expressing our mission to create a Moment of Beauty for members of our community.  Just like a orchid, every one is unique and beautiful in their own way.  Cattleya Moment plays a small and humble role in nurturing  our people to fulfill their passion in life.


REMARKABLE - Effective Hydrating and Lasting Moisturizing Facial Mask

Philaine hydrating and revitalizing facial mask has successfully integrated the element of Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) into our daily skin care.  To know more about, click here.

ELEGANT Fine Pearl Jewelry

Delicately chosen fine Tahiti deep ocean pearl with beautiful workmanship to bring you the elegant art piece.  Click to check out the range.

Handmade Handbag & Mask

This delicate handbag is made of 100% Batik Silk.  The parts and accessories are specially selected to bring out the elegance, but maintain the its cultural representation that makes it unique.  The design idea was originated from Java Island, Indonesia.

Masks have never been in such daily demand like now.  It has become part of our fashion style.   Special chosen fabric and classic design with fine workmanship to match with ladies handbag and hair band.  Click here to find out more.

CREATIVE Embracing Ceramic and Sculpture Art

“EMBRACE” series artworks display artist strong affinity to nature and earth where she creates clay sculptural forms inspired by flora and fauna.  It integrates the flora and human figure in one form, expressing various intimate postures of the loving couple



Coached by Ms Qiu Feng, who is professional personal image & styling coach, specialising in performing technique, fashion, singing and social etiquette

The programme provides insight of how colours can make impact on our image and to use accessories to improve the overall presentation. 


Guided by senior member of Sculpture Society of Singapore, Joyce Lew,  move your hands and be closer touch with the nature and receive inspiration from mother land earth, mould your idea on clay, never underestimate your potential in creativity.   Click here to know more


Creative 3D Printing 

3D printing can create a lot of things nowadays, such as key chain, toys, gift, jewelry, even huge items like houses, cars etc.  The 3D scanning can clone your favourite collection item within minutes.  Click here to know more.

It is a technology proven to be revolutionary, and widely adopted in fashion industry.  It is matter of how we can master the software to achieve your idea of design and creation.

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